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Success With Srini

Jul 15, 2019

I sat down with Bill Saurer. CEO of Universal Media Access and we discussed Radio as a business in Digital era. 

With over 35 years of experience in radio business, Bill has seen practically everything.

Bill is the master of media business and for all my silicon valley friends, he's the architect behind DESI 1170 am and now Bolly 92.3 FM. This podcast interview was recorded in October, 2017 soon after Universal Media Access sold KLOK 1170AM,  this was the time when there was a lot of uncertainty in the market place with Radio hosts moving around, advertisers moving around and listeners shifting. With so many things going on in the market at the time, I thought it made sense to talk to Bill and get his insights. I reached out, he agreed and we recorded

As you listen, you'll see we touched many topics..

  • How Radio is still a viable medium for empowering local communities.
  • How Radio has delivered while how other marketing mediums have disappointed.
  • Listeners are changing, the shift from talk radio to music radio
  • Sale of 1170AM
  • About Brad Behnke, COO of Universail Media Access, the manager of Silicon Valley market and his drive and vision to architect this market.

Since this interview was recorded, Bolly in 92.3 FM has become the "go to station" for anything South Asian. We have witnessed incredible growth in terms of advertisers and listeners.

If you are a radio host, you are a radio owner, you are a station manager, you will find Bill’s insights extremely helpful.

If you are listener of Bolly 92.3 FM, you'll get a firsthand insight into what it takes to create and run a successful Indian radio station or any radio station for that matter.

..and for everyone else, there are many lessons on success in this interview.